My Personal Review of SAS Pro – 8/22/2022


Hello… my name is Byron Horde, and this is my (unsolicited) personal review of SAS (Super Affiliate System) Pro, so far.  This is a course by John Crestani.  As of my writing of this, I have completed 5 of the provided 14 Modules.  Each Module contains a set of Informational Videos and a set of Show Me How Videos.  Incidentally, the Modules included, go as follows:
  • Welcome Module: Getting Started
  • Module 1: Affiliate Networks
  • Module 2: Sales Funnel and Website
  • Module 3: Solo Ads
  • Module 4: Google Ads
  • Module 5: YouTube Ads
  • Module 6: Social Media Ads
  • Module 7: Finding Effective Ads
  • Module 8: Creating Great Ads
  • Module 9: Analytics and Split Testing
  • Module 10: Planning Your Strategy
  • Module 11: Accelerating Your Outcomes
  • Module 12: Troubleshooting
  • Module 13: Scaling Your Business
  • Module 14: Wrap Up and Next Steps
The Informational Videos contain John passing along the knowledge he has gained in his 10+ years experience in Affiliate Marketing.  The Show Me How Videos walk you step-by-step (in detail) through the applications and processes described within the Informational Videos.  Basically, with the Show Me How Videos, you are indeed learning  by actually doing.  I am really liking this format, very much.
In the Informational Videos, John really explains the ins and outs of the topic at-hand.  He explains it clearly and succinctly, in a very easy to understand manner.  One can easily tell that John holds teaching others, dear to his heart, and he truly does want those he teaches… to succeed.  This course is definitely… beginner friendly, by the way.  Though, Affiliate Marketing Vets may learn something, as well.
In the Show Me How Videos, a member of John’s staff takes you by the hand, and goes step-by-step to show you exactly how to do what was talked about in the Informational Video.  This is done with capture of the instructor’s screen. I really like this approach.  Many courses out there just give you the information, but do not actually SHOW you how to implement.  THIS course not only does BOTH, but also does BOTH… WELL.
As you will discover, the price may be a bit hefty, but I am going to tell you right now:  I have only completed up to Module 6, but… I truly feel that once I finish, I will have all the knowledge I need to become very successful in Affiliate Marketing.  Along with that, I would ALSO say that the investment in the course is absolutely… well worth it.  I definitely recommend it. There are payment options, by the way.
Incidentally, included with each Module is a built-in note taking system, so that you can take notes while watching.  In addition to that, each Module has a Syllabus.  Within the Syllabus, you follow along with John in the Informational Videos, by filling in blank spots with the  words spoken by him.  Plus, each Module has a Quiz at the end.
The Quiz and the follow along Syllabus, to me, make the subject matter, that much easier to learn.  Additionally, several of the Modules come with Worksheets to fill-in and submit.  Also, you can’t advance to the next Module until AFTER you pass the Quiz.  So, there is no skipping around.  I feel this is a good thing.
Another very useful addition to this course,  is the built-in Web Hosting AND Page-Building Platform.  This is included for as long as you are a Member of SAS Pro.  You may use this as an option to the other Web Hosting and Page Building Platforms available out there.  Incidentally, with the Web Hosting, you can get a free custom Domain Name.
So, in conclusion, as someone who is actually going through the training provided by the… Super Affiliate System Pro, I would absolutely recommend it… 100%.👍
Oh… almost forgot… John’s Support System and Staff very good, as well.
If you would like more information on SAS Pro, just click… HERE.  This is an affiliate link, by the way.  So, I would get credit if you decide to purchase.
To Your Success,
Byron Horde