My Personal Review of Lazy Commissions – 8/25/2022

 I have FINALLY hit the JACKPOT!!!
Hi.  My name is Byron.  I have been searching for a long time, trying to find the right Affiliate Course for Beginners.  I have discovered, what very well may be… IT.   Actually, it’s not even JUST for Beginners. There’s something in this course for EVERYONE… Beginners AND Pros.  It is called… Lazy Commissions.  What follows, will be my review.
Incidentally, it costs… $0.00.  This is Pre-Launch pricing.
Full disclosure: I am an Affiliate for this product.  As such, I will get compensation throughout the funnel.
That being said, I am not going to recommend a garbage/nonsense product, just to earn a buck.  That wouldn’t be right… RIGHT?  Besides, who wants to go through the hassles of refunds and/or charge-backs?  I don’t.
Ok… here we go.

Lazy Commissions… The Facts:

  • Product name: Lazy Commissions
  • First release: October 25, 2021 (updates constantly!)
  • Creator: Tim Ikels (aka “Online Business Dude” over at
  • Product websiteHere
  • Type: Proven affiliate marketing training course with 1 goal: Getting to $100/day consistently with simple but effective affiliate marketing and organic traffic.
  • Price: $0.00 (front-end, special pre-launch price)
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Recommended: Absolutely… YES!

Pre-Launch Pricing… $0.00 — Learn More Here!

Lazy Commissions… A Peek Behind the Curtain:


Pre-Launch Pricing… $0.00 — Learn More Here!

Getting Started
The Foundation
  • Why 99% of People Fail
  • On Execution
  • Affiliate Marketing Process
  • Value Ascension Model
  • Niche Selection
  • Required tools
  • Core Offer Selection
  • Affiliate USP & Bonuses
Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Process
  • Important Concepts
  • Copywriting 101
  • Email Marketing Mistakes
Lead Generation
  • List Building Basics
  • Lead Generation & The Core Offer
  • Leadgen Mistakes
Traffic Generation
  • Understanding Traffic
  • Organic Content Marketing
  • The Perfect Website
  • Traffic-Pulling Reviews & Launch Jacking
  • Paid Traffic
  • JV/Affiliate Traffic
Conclusion and Next Steps
  • How To Get Approved as a New Affiliate Marketer
  • Direct Response Secrets
  • Marketing Secrets Black-book
  • The Great Formula
  • How To Sell Anything
  • PLR Workshop
  • 5-Day Lead Challenge
  • Direct Marketing Secrets
  • Additional Resources
I have been through this training and I can attest that it is quite logically setup.  Tim doesn’t want to waste your time, so the training is very straight-forward.  If you want a Trainer who beats around the bush, you will not find that here.
This training includes text (as you can see from the picture above), videos, and audios.  Plus, as mentioned above, it is always being updated.  So, unless Affiliate Marketing suddenly dies out, this training will always be relevant.  There is even a Changelog available, in which Tim chronicles any and all updates made within.  I feel think this is a nice, and welcome… addition.
A very key thing about Lazy commissions is… the fact that it isn’t like the “typical Warrior+ affiliate marketing course”.  You probably know exactly what I am referring to.
This training, might very well be, of a quality that is better than most of the other affiliate marketing courses found on Warrior+,  JVZoo, and ClickBank.  Speaking of ClickBank, there is an affiliate marketing course there that I would very much recommend, as well.  I have a review written-up for that one, which can be found here.  However, THAT is not the topic of THIS review.

Pre-Launch Pricing… $0.00 — Learn More Here!

Lazy Commissions… A Demo by Tim:

Lazy Commissions… The Complete Funnel:

Front-End Product: Lazy commissions…
Price: $0.00.  Pre-Launch.
This is the “Meat and Potatoes” of the affiliate marketing training offered in course.  You can see all what Lazy Commissions entails by looking at the picture and listing above.

Pre-Launch Pricing… $0.00 — Learn More Here!

Upgrade One: The Ultimate Marketing Vault…
Price: $17.00.  This is a One-Time Price.
What is the Ultimate Marketing Vault composed of?  Well… it contains everything you need to market Lazy Commissions as your Affiliate Core Offer.  That is, if you want to actually market thr course, as I am.
  • 7 High-Quality Squeeze Pages, 5 High-Converting Splash Pages, 2 Epic Bonus/Bridge Pages (Incl. DFY Bonus Library To Choose From), 2 “Thank You” Pages, 3 DFY Lead Magnets (IM/MMO), And 10 Emails To Sell Your Affiliate Core Offer.
Lots of quite useful tools and resources can be found here.  This includes information on how you can host your pages and funnels for… FREE.  Don’t worry, this is… QUALITY.  Many services you may have heard of, use this very same resource, such as Peleton, Verizon, Twilio, Mailchimp, Danone, Nike, and more.  This resource is ultra-fast too.  Even faster than ClickFunnels, WordPress, and GroveFunnels.  Plus, it’s… FREE!

Pre-Launch Pricing… $0.00 — Learn More Here!

Upgrade Two: Secret affiliate Insider…
Price: $15.00/Month OR $97.00 One-Time.
  • The Friendly, Supportive, And Focused Environment You’ve Been Looking For. Premium Support, Group Coachings, Review Access Channel, Accountability Group, …
There are many of the Net’s successful Reviewers in this group.   I can’t exactly say much about this particular Upgrade, since what goes on in there, is supposed to… stay in there.  That being said, I will show you what you will see, when you sign-in.  That is, if you decide to pick-up this Upgrade.
  • start-here – this is where new members are welcomed, and a lot of “chit chat” happens.  Tim, himself, is here.  Personally, I am not inclined to join in on the conversation.  I mostly lurk.
  • review-access – this channel is worth alone the price for the SAI.  Once you join, you will see why.  Can’t really say anymore about it.
  • testing – Umm…
  • accountability-group – Are one who has trouble getting things done, as it concerns your business?  Well, this Channel is for you.  Basically, you let those in the channel know what you are going to do, and… they will hold you accountable for it.
  • affiliate-support –  I believe this is where you can get help from Tim, as it concerns your affiliate promotions.  Haven’t used this Channel yet.
  • advanced-training – This is where Tim shares some of his advanced strategies.

Pre-Launch Pricing… $0.00 — Learn More Here!

Upgrade Three: (Triple) Special Licence Rights:…
Price: $97.00.  this is a One-time Price.
  • Make Lazy Commissions Your Very Own Offer! Get 100% Commissions Throughout The Entire Funnel, And Get Full Access To Your Leads’ And Buyers’ Details. (Unheard Of!)  My Complete Client Acquisition Funnels Are Now Yours.
This Upgrade is only worthwhile IF… you decide that you want to promote Lazy Commissions.  If you do, then with this Upgrade, you will be getting 100% commissions across the entire Funnel.  In addition to that, Customer Data.  THIS bit alone makes this Upgrade quite valuable.  Again, this Upgrade is only worthwhile if… you decide that you want to promote Lazy Commissions.

Lazy Commissions… The Included Bonuses:

I listed them above.  However, I will list them again here:
  • How To Get Approved as a New Affiliate Marketer
  • Direct Response Secrets
  • Marketing Secrets Black-book
  • The Great Formula
  • How To Sell Anything
  • PLR Workshop
  • 5-Day Lead Challenge
  • Direct Marketing Secrets
  • Additional Resources

Lazy Commissions… What I Like:

  1. Tim.  He is just a regular guy who was looking for FREEDOM.  He got tired of all the BS he saw during that search, and decided to create his own course.
  2. No Nonsense and No BS.
  3. Straightforward and to the point.
  4. Tim calls-out some of the tactics used by Shady Marketers.
  5. The content of the training flows, quite nicely.  Quite nicely.. indeed.
  6. Receives constant updates, so that it is truly… an Evergreen Product.
  7. Although I don’t exactly utilize the SAI to it’s full degree, I do find the OTHER two Upgrades to be quite useful.
  8. The Traffic-Generation talked about has been proven to work… many times over.

Lazy Commissions… What I Don’t Like:

  1. No official date, as to when the Pre-Launch is over.  Considering this, you may want to get Lazy Commissions now.  That is, while it is still being offered for free.
  2. Can’t really think of anything else.

Lazy Commissions… Conclusion:

I would absolutely recommend this product.  Most especially, since it is free.  Though, I certainly would’t have paid for it, if it wasn’t.
I would also recommend all of the Upgrades.  However, keep in mind… The Ultimate Marketing Vault is only worthwhile if… you want to actively promote the product.  If you do not want to do this, do not get this Upgrade.
This training is of the highest quality and is truly… evergreen.  The fundamentals included within are sound and proven.

Pre-Launch Pricing… $0.00 — Learn More Here!

To Your Success,
Byron Horde